Jiordy; a captivating Aussie with a short fringe and a big sound.

With a genre-bending sensibility characterised by floaty, feel-good melodies, smoky vocals, gritty synths and nostalgic beats, Jiordy's mesmerising brand of music and lyricism offers a piercing insight into her introspective mind.

Cascading onto the scene in early 2020, Jiordy's debut single 'UR Dumb' – an intimate exploration of the complexities of love – garnered the praise of notable Australian music publications, including themusic.com, triple j Unearthed and Life Without Andy.

Her second release, 'Hmmm', premiered on triple j with Richard Kingsmill in late July.

The track was largely celebrated by Spotify, with inclusions in playlists New Music Friday’s, Pop Edge, Weekends and Friends, and Fresh Finds: Indie and Fresh Finds - which combined, has over 1.2 million listeners.

‘Hmmm’, a bitter-sweet tale about loving so hard that you turn the relationship to shit, has been played regularly across triple j and triple j Unearthed, receiving praise from Home and Hosed's Declan Byrne and Lucy Smith of Morning's with Lucy.

Laying herself bare through storytelling and sound that is evocative, candid, playful and universally relatable, Jiordy’s final release for 2020 ‘Weight in Water’ is a heartfelt ode to her anxiety. Combining light with dark and grace with heaviness, the song explores the complex dichotomy of emotions that the singer-songwriter experiences as a result of her inner restlessness; a vast contradiction which she struggles to live with yet couldn’t live without.

‘Weight in Water’ is out now on all major streaming platforms:

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"Intimate. That's the word I was looking for."

- Richard Kingsmill, triple j unearthed

"It's crafted with a feather touch and I just want to immerse myself in it. it's casual but full of style, in no rush but doesn't languish for a moment."

- Declan Byrne, triple j unearthed

"It really is a feeling of honesty in this song but also an intimate feel as well. What I love about her voice is that it kind of has that breathy Billie Eilish quality. It makes you feel like you're almost in an embrace with the song. It's really struck me."

- Lucy Smith, Triple J

"It’s rare these days that you hear a debut track from an artist that is as fully formed and mature-sounding as what we’re hearing today"

- Life Without Andy

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